We practice Performance-Based Hiring

In most cases, top performers are not so easy to find. This is primarily because of the fact that they already have work and they’re not looking to switch teams. They are motivated by opportunities for growth, learning new skills and taking on challenges. In other words, they’re the ideal employees, regardless of industry or position.


In order to get the very top of the talent pool, the hiring process should be focused on one thing only – the way the candidate performs in a given role.

We find this top talent for you.


To get the best people, you need to attract them differently, which means your hiring process—your sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting—needs to change, and even how you write your job descriptions


We focus on helping you expand your talent pool (sourcing), creating job descriptions that deliver the highest quality applicants (screening), interviewing so you uncover what really leads to performance (interviewing), and making the best hiring decisions (recruiting).


Below is a brief list of what we would collaborate on together:


  • Implementing a performance-based hiring strategy

  • Creating the candidate experience

  • Preparing job descriptions that define outstanding performance

  • Structuring the interview to obtain the best information

  • Determining job and culture fit

  • Ranking and comparing candid


  • Conduct 30-minute consultation call to understand company culture, hiring demands, timeline and other relevant details


Sourcing & Screening


  • Source/identify individuals who could potentially be considered for the position(s) via LinkedIn Recruiter, alumni departments of major business schools, industry contacts, and job portals as per the position requirements provided by client;

  • Confidentially approach those individuals;

  • Conduct a thorough interview/screening/assessment of candidates to better gauge backgrounds and motivations for a career move;

  • Engage candidates, market the client organization, and the position to excite candidates


Shortlisting & Preselection


  • Forward profiles of validated candidates for short-listing and obtain further information from candidates, if desired by client;

  • Summary information will be provided on leading candidates to include background, achievements, strengths, etc.

  • Coordinate with client and schedule interviews

  • Perform pre-interview prep calls with candidates, if desired by client


Reference Checks​​


  • Conduct and report on thorough reference check from a maximum of three reference sources of current and previous employers 


Communication & Detailed Reporting


  • Weekly progress report of talent acquisition, sources of recruitment, shortlisted/rejected candidates, and interview feedback on all candidates.


Initial Consultation