Working with us is an investment into your futurE. 

Together, we can help you to recognize your unique skills and accomplishments and teach you how to market yourself effectively so that you may land your dream job.

What we offer:

LinkedIn & Resumé Revisions

A good LinkedIn profile and resumé may be all it takes to get your foot in the door and land that impossible-to-get interview. Make sure what you have stands out and sets you apart. We help you clearly define your job and career goals, identify your strengths and key competencies and communicate your responsibilities and accomplishments in a concise, meaningful manner. 


Interview Preparation

We offer personal consultation, by Skype or by phone, during which we discuss the interviewing process in depth, and evaluate your current skills. We provide personalized interview coaching, practice, and feedback to help you ace your interviews.

Salary & Contract Negotiations

If you've been selected for a position, and have some skills and experience to set you apart, you're in an excellent position to negotiate.


We help you understand current market rates, develop realistic expectations and how to ask for what you deserve to earn.